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England 2010

Posted 2010-06-30

Our 2010 trip to England and Jersey was precipitated by an invitation from our daughter Heather-Anne and hubby John Hubbell to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with them May 15th in London. They live in Farncombe, southwest of London, and work in London and surroundings.

In order to take advantage of the trip overseas, we decided to visit Jersey before the event, with a couple of days in London after the event. We knew little of Jersey except that we thought of it as a UK vacation spot. Our interest had been piqued, however, by reading the book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society", by Mary Ann Shafford and Annie Barrows, which described the WWII years of occupation by Nazi Germany. When we looked for accommodation, we found that the availability in Guernsey was limited and expensive, but Jersey had lots of choices within our price desire. So we booked a small hotel in Jersey on the beach of St. Aubin's Bay, for 8 days prior to the anniversary event.

We used Aeroplan points on Air Canada for the Montreal-Heathrow leg and flew Flybe from Gatineau to Jersey.

The Aeroplan point experience was a bit of a surprise, in that it cost us almost C$900 in addition to the points. Only 8 months previously, we had flown to Berlin on Aeroplan points at a cost of about C$567. We thought that was steep, so we were quite taken aback by the 2010 cost to London.

4 May: Air Canada: Montreal - Heathrow (arrive 7:30 AM May 5)
Overnight at the Hubbell residence in Farncombe.
6 May: Train Guildford to Gatwick, Flybe Gatwick to Jersey.
6-14 May: Hotel Lyndhurst, Jersey
14 May: Flybe to Gatwick, train to London, Victoria Station, Taxi to the University Women's Club, where the 25th was to be held on May 15th.
15 May: Some London sightseeing, 25 anniversary shindig
16-18 May: Hotel xxx, on Barclay Street south of Victoria Station.
18 May: Shuttle to Heathrow (28), Air Canada to Montreal.

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Hubbell 25th Anniversary

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