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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Italy & TransAtlantic Cruise 2012
At Sea

Nov. 17 - 22
Leaving Madeira Friday, Nov. 16 we headed southwest to arrive at Barbados Nov. 22. By now both Marg and I were suffering bad colds, so the time at sea was not as pleasurable as it might otherwise have been.
We took a few shots to give a flavour of the ship.

2012 Italy & Cruise 2012 Italy & Cruise
Deck 15 has the tennis and basketball court.

2012 Italy & Cruise
Deck 14 has the mini-put course.

2012 Italy & Cruise 2012 Italy & Cruise
Deck 13 has the swimming pools, spas, buffet dining and lots of sun bathers.

2012 Italy & Cruise 2012 Italy & Cruise
From the stern our wake is on a very calm sea.
Sunbathers find every nook and cranny to catch the sun.

2012 Italy & Cruise
There are some families with children aboard. Apparently there is activity for the kids.

2012 Italy & Cruise 2012 Italy & Cruise 2012 Italy & Cruise
Before and after dinner we usually sit in the fifth deck lounge (just outside our dining room)
where a trio (piano and two violins) play classical music,
or a duet (guitar and tambourine) play and sing very soft Spanish style music.
The backdrop is a water wall and a pool, but it's hard to see the water.


Sorrento and Amalfi Coast
Rome 1
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Funchal, Madeira
At Sea
Bridgetown, Barbados
Point--Pitre, Guadaloupe
Lifeboat Drill
Charlotte-Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI
Freeport, Bahamas
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