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China Tour 2013
Silk Road (New Orient Express Train),Yangtze River Cruise
by Sinorama Holidays


Posted 2013-07-08

Our June 1-18, 2013 tour of China was organized by Sinorama Holidays of Toronto and Montreal. The appeal of seeing the Silk Road, the New Oriental Express and the Yangtze River cruise on one tour was too much to resist. These pages attempt to document the China that we saw.

Tour Route (from Sinorama Holidays website)

Following is our published itinerary (One or more train trips got changed to bus, but I'm not sure which):

Saturday, June 01: Air Canada Toronto to Beijing
Monday, June 3: Beijing
Tuesday, June 4: China Air Beijing / Xi'an
Wednesday, June 5: Terra Cotta Soldiers, Train to Tianshui.
Thursday, June 6: Maijishan Grotto, National Fuxiamiao, Train to Lanzhou.
Friday, June 7: Lanzhou, Train to Jiayuguan
Saturday, June 8: Jiayuguan Fort, Jiuquan, Train to Dunhuang
Sunday, June 9: Dunhuang "Humming Sand Dunes"
Monday, June 10: Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Train to Turpan
Tuesday, June 11: Turpan Flaming Mountain, Gaochang ruins.
Wednesday, June 12: Turpan - Urumqi by bus, Islamic bazaar
Thursday, June 13: Tianshan Tianchi National Park.
Friday, June 14: Fly to Chongqing, old quarter, embark Gold 8 after dinner.
Saturday June 15: Fengdu Ghost Town
Sunday, June 16: Lesser Three Gorges excursion
Monday, June 17: Three Gorges Dam, Hotel Wuhan
Tuesday, June 18: Air China to Shanghai, Air Canada to Toronto.

The photos on the following pages are not intended to be scenic, but rather to provide a feel for the China we visited.
The small photos can be viewed in larger size by clicking on the photo. Then click Back to return to where you were.
Note: Where a date is shown on a photo, it is one day before the true date, due to my brain's loss of a day enroute to Beijing.

China Notes
Tour Notes
Xi'an, Terra Cotta Warriors
The New Orient Express
Jiayuguan & Jiuquan
Chongqing, Embark
Fengdu Ghost Town
Lesser Three Gorges
Three Gorges Dam, Disembark
Wuhan, Shanghai
Travel Mates
Ode to Leo Liu