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China Tour 2013
Silk Road (New Orient Express Train),Yangtze River Cruise
by Sinorama Holidays

Ode to Leo Liu, Tour Director par Excellence

Posted 2013-07-08

China 2013
Mr. Liu, Leo, was our tour director from the time we arrived at Beijing airport late Sunday night, because of a six hour Air Canada delay, until he left us at the security check at Shanghai airport eighteen days later. During that time he cared for us like a shepherd, even when we got crotchity because of lack of sleep. This little ditty attempts to portray the gist of our tour with him.

To Beijing we came - to see China 'twas for,
With suitcases, backpacks, cameras and more.
Some came from Quebec, and some from B.C.
And David from Seattle, his wife Siunie, to see.
We TO folks sadly, arrived six hours late,
While tour guide Leo did patiently wait!
But , "Fear not", thought Leo as he gathered us all,
"I'll make this China trip enthrall".
And so he took charge, again and again,
And led us through crowds, to hotels and a train,
Our days were long and our sleeps were short
Sometimes we complained, we must report!!
"Alas", said Leo, "Never fear my friends,
A picnic for wimps this trip transcends
It's a great adventure for keeners like you
So get yourselves ready to be awed through and through".
And, Yes! we were in the desert, on mountains
By the Warriors, by temples and rivers and fountains,
By the silk road, by sand dunes, and castles galore
And Buddha's, pagodas, markets and more!
Through this amazing land of China he led.
At times we grumbled, it has to be said
But soon we grew into a great, happy team.
Making memories and new friendships, so it would seem
Washed down by buckets of beer for our thirst
While filling our bellies 'til ready to burst!
Hats off to all for being good sports
Despite aches, pains and sweat, and knots in our shorts
'Twas Leo who kept us together we'll tell
We give thanks to Leo for guiding us well.

Great memories everyone!
Thanks a big bunch!!
Marg and Bill

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