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Iceland Mini Tour 2013
by Icelandair


Posted 2013-12-12

Our December 4-8, 2013 tour of Iceland was organized by Icelandair. An email from TravelZoo offering a $1000 saving seemed too tempting to resist, so we signed up.

The package included return air fare Toronto / Keflavik, 3 nights accommodation and two land excursions (no meals) for a cost per person of $771 plus $88 tax, total $859. We added return bus travel from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik ($39 ea)and a Reykjavic excursion ($48 ea), for a grand total of $946 each, plus meals and trinkets.

Departure from Toronto was scheduled for 8 PM Wednesday 4 December. This was a bit of a concern because we had non-changeable tickets to see the play Aladdin that afternoon. We decided, however, to put our bags in the car to go to the theatre and drive to Toronto airport after the play. Parking at the airport Value Park lot is $70/week maximum, so about half the cost of a taxi there and back. Parking at the theatre was $24 for the 2˝ hour play duration, so the airport parking seemed like a bargain.

The weather in Iceland was about minus ten C, some ten degrees colder than they normally expect. With the fairly strong breeze, this made for a couple of chilly excursions. (For the second excursion we wore the long johns that we had purchased specifically for the trip.) Funny that when we lived in Montreal minus ten C seemed like a fairly balmy winter day. Can one winter in Toronto make one forget what winter is all about?

Prices in Iceland are fairly steep, especially for locally made clothing. During a soup stop at a café / gift shop, Marg bought a scarf at a cost of about 28,000 Icelandic Krona, which she worked out to about C$25 - pricey for a scarf but livable. When we took another look, we realized that that price was really about $250 Canadian, so she cancelled that purchase. The exchange rate is about 110 ISK per C$.

On these pages we attempt to describe the Iceland that we saw. The photos on the following pages are not intended to be scenic, but rather to provide a feel for the Iceland we visited. Photos taken through a bus window, or with frost-bitten hands, tend to be less than perfect, but them's the breaks.

The small photos can be viewed in larger size by clicking on the photo. Then click Back to return to where you were.

5 Dec, Thursday, Reykjavik excursion
6 Dec, Friday Golden Circle & fontana Steam Bath
7 Dec, Saturday Window Shopping
8 Dec, Sunday, Heading Home