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2016 National Air Force Museum of Canada Gala


Posted 2016-10-26

The 2016 Canadian Air Force Museum Gala fundraising dinner was held at the Trenton Air Force Museum Friday evening 21 October 2016.
A large number of guests filled the many tables set up with lots of gala decorations, to enjoy a delicious dinner created and served by the caterer, Occasions by the Bay.
The dinner was followed by a speech by Colonel Chris Hadfield, Canada's renowned jet pilot, astronaut, singer, author, etc., etc.
Then came a live auction, with nearly a dozen items contributed by supporters of the museum, and bringing in prices often in the thousands of dollars toward creation of a theatre adjoining the museum.
Then Col Handfield signed books written by him and available for sale during the evening.
The programme called for the evening to end with dancing, but the excellent 8 Wing jazz combo had departed as dinner ended, and dancing to the dj selection did not seem popular, so the evening effectively ended with the Hadfield book signing.

The photos below are principally of the folks from the former 441 Sabre squadron, organized by the intrepid Elizbeth Constantine, who is also on the board of the museum. They can be picked to see a larger view if desired.

AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016
A large number of museum supporters filled the many well-decorated tables set up in the museum. The 441 folks (and hangers-on) at the table in the second photo were concentrating on the speeches from the podium after dinner.

AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016
The awesome 8 Wing Jazz Combo provided very enjoyable music before and during dinner. Unfortunately, with speeches and a live auction scheduled for after dinner, they packed up their instruments and departed after a round of applause at the end of dinner. Too bad we did not take the opportunity to dance before dinner.

AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016
Entering the dinner area, we found Jim Moffat, WWII RCAF Halifax tail gunner shot down over Belgium. He survived with the aid of the Belgian resistance movement to become the hero of a a book called "Behind Enemy Lines", written by his sister, Mary Thomas. Here he is pictured with former Lachine neighbour Bill Lynn.
Jim is now in his nineties, but he spends time talking to school children about his "adventures" to give them a feel for the long-forgotten trials and tribulations of warfare.
Jim was awarded the French Legion of Honor in recognition of his exploits, and he wears the ribbon proudly.

Some photos of the folks at our table.

AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016
1. Beth & Wayne MacLellan, 427 Squadron, with Marg Lynn. Wayne flew for Qantas with Les Hackett (now departed) and knows Jim Moffat, ex-427 Squadron, among other mutual acquaintances.
2. Simon Black, Bille-Marie & Ed Yakachuk.
3. Elizabeth Constantine, organizer par excellence and member of the museum board.

AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016
1. Elsie MacBeth and Dennis Paproski.
2. Billie-Marie and Ed Yakachuk.
3. Beth & Wayne MacLellan with Billie-Marie.

AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016
Bill White, Architect & Engineer of Belleville, with his wife Pat. They have lived on the south shore of the Bay of Quinte since 1971 so have become up close and personal with the bottom side of most of the aircraft flying out of Trenton in the last 45 years. Bill is a first cousin of Bill Lynn (former 441 Sabre driver).
Never in the Air Force, Bill is an aviation enthusiast. Here we see him in avid discussion with some local acquaintances.

AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016 AF Museum Gala 21 Oct 2016
Bill White was anxious to have Chris Hadfield sign several books for himself and friends, and an article by friend and architect Ed Russell, who runs an airport near Niagara Falls, Ontario, where they rebuild vintage aircraft.
One project by Ed Russell's group was a replica of the Silver Dart, which was flown 22 February 2009 at Baddeck, NS, with former Canadian astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason at the controls. This flight was in commemoration of the original Silver Dart flight 23 February 1909 by Baddeck native John AD McCurdy, the first powered flight in the British Commonwealth.
For some reason, Bill asked his old Sabre driver cousin to join in the photos.

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