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2016 Belfry Christmas Party

Posted 2016-11-27

On Saturday, 26 November 2016, Marg and I had the wonderful pleasure of enjoying a pre-Christmas lunch with Marg's brother Ron, his wife Eva, daughters Joanne with hubby Rob, and Wanda (Kevin sick at home), and grandchildren Shawn, Brooke, Tyler and Breanna (Bre). Daughter Colleen was busy with Grey Cup festivities.
Photos of the event, taken by Marg, are posted on this page. The photos can be picked to see a larger version, if desired. Then pick the Back button on your Browser to return to where you were.

Ron & Eva

Wanda & Joanne

Joanne & Rob

Joanne, Rob,
Wanda, Shawn

Tyler, Bre,
Shawn, Brooke

& Brooke

Bre, Grandpa Ron, Brooke

Shawn, Tyler, Grandpa Ron,
Brooke, Bre

Tyler, Wanda,
Bre, Uncle Bill

Table Decorations

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