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Raya and Ross Visit 26-29 August 2016

The weekend of 26 to 29 August 2016 brought us a wonderful visit with grand daughter Raya and her b.f. Ross, who had been working in New York City for the past week and came to give Ross a view of Toronto and some of Raya's Toronto kith & kin.

The weekend included dinner out with Raya's uncle Brian and Iris on Friday, a trip to Stoney Creek Saturday afternoon to watch Raya's little brother Jason play Rugby, followed by dinner in Toronto, and the Blue Jays baseball game Sunday afternoon.

The youngsters flew back to NYC about noon Monday.

A few photos are published here to remind us of the fun and games that were had by all.

Friday evening we went to the Hot House Restaurant for dinner,
and Marg took some shots with less than perfect ligthing.
Raya & Ross 2016/08/26 Raya & Ross & Cake 2016/08/26
Raya and Ross, and with remains of giant-sized cheese cake.

Iris & Brian 2016/08/26 Iris & Brian 2016/08/26
Raya's Uncle Brian, with Iris

Marg & Bill 2016/08/26
Grandma Marg & Grandpa Bill

Saturday afternoon we headed to Stoney Creek to watch Jay play rugby. We
arrived just as Jay had been wrapped in cellophane following a leg injury.
Jay hurting 2016/08/26 Jay hurting 2016/08/26
The injury was to a muscle just above the left knee. Nothing broken, but it will leave him
unable to play in the Team Ontario game that he was due to play in on Monday in Ottawa.
That was probably the major cause of his disgruntlement.

Ross, Raya, Jay & Jess 2016/08/27 Ross, Raya, Jess & Jay 2016/08/27
Despite the discomfort, Jay was able to limp over for the team handshake after the game,
and to pose with Ross and Raya and g.f. Jess, on the field and at dinner with them in Toronto .

On Sunday afternoon the young folks took in the Blue Jays baseball game at the Rogers Centre (formerly the Sky Dome). For Ross' introduction to baseball, The Blue Jays pulled off an entertaining game, with a 9-6 win over Minnesota, including three home runs by Josh Donaldson, even after he was hit by a baseball in the first inning ("felt like a shot in the knee", he said). After the game some eats at the Amsterdam Brewpub on the water front. No photos.

Raya & Ross 2016/08/29 Ross & Raya 2016/08/29 Ross & Raya 2016/08/29
Some au revoir shots of the intrepid travellers as they left Monday for Toronto Pearson airport to fly American Airlines to Kennedy NYC and then on to London via Virgin Airlines.
The internet showed the American Airlines flight delayed a couple of hours, which put the London flight in jeopardy. Raya called us from Pearson to tell us that AA had agreed that their delay could cause a missed flight to London, so AA booked them on Westjet leaving at 12:30, no extra charge.
Sounds classy. Or was it because of the influence of the classy blonde negotiator?

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