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2017 India Trip
9-21 November 2017


Posted 2017-12-12

India was not on our bucket list, but when we saw a Lexus Holidays advertisement in the Toronto Star for a ten day trip to India at a cost of $2799pp including air fare, we decided that we could not pass up that kind of a deal, so we sent in our application for the trip leaving 10 November and returning 19 November 2017.

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Our experience in dealing with Nexus did not bode well, because our travel agent was extremely unhelpful. We learned three weeks before departure (after considerable badgering for information) that our trip would now be from 9 to 21 November, with overnight stays in Shanghai both ways. Two days before departure we emailed to ask for travel documents. Fortunately, our agent was away and Amy picked up the ball. She sent us our travel itinerary and flight tickets within a couple of hours. The next day we saw that the optional excursions that we had asked for were not mentioned. We emailed Amy and within two hours she responded to tell us that the excursions had been ordered and our credit card had been charged.

Our arrival in Shanghai was also a bit muddled, because the agent held up a sign with her name on it, which nobody recognized. After several phone calls by a very helpful Shanghai resident who happened along, the agent found us. She then took us to our hotel (in a bus with a Nexus Holidays sign in the door pocket) and back to the airport the next day with no problem. In fact, she stayed nearby until we had checked in.

The tour guide in India was Arun Dixit, of Travel World in New Delhi. Arun led us around Rajusthan like a mother hen with her chicks. That was where our problems ended, because the tour in India was very well conducted in every way. Arun was a very pleasant man with a philosophical bent. He told us much about Hinduism, the education system, marriage, etc. He also told us much about the local economy, especially the agricultural aspect which employs 85% of Indian workers. He did not tell us about the railways or how electricity is generated or the rules of the road (if there are any!).

Photos on these pages serve as a record of our trip and are not necessarily scenic or spectacular. If any should pique your interest, they can be picked to see a larger version.

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