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2018 Doug and Brenda White 35th Anniversary
11 August 2018


Posted 2018-08-15

The celebration of Doug and Brenda White's 35th wedding anniversary took place 11 August 2018 at their White House on Nature-View Farm south of Stayner, Ontario.

The event featured a pot luck luncheon on the lawn scheduled for 1 PM, which got underway a bit later when Ray and family arrived with Evelyn from the train at Pickering GO station. Pleasant warm weather graced the proceedings until one cloud let loose about 4 PM, causing much activity to put stuff under cover, especially the goods from Muriel's house, which Doug and Brenda had collected for the down-sizing a few weeks earlier.

Grace by the minister opened the lunch, but there were no speeches apart from some brief comments by Aunt Evelyn near the end of the event.

Participants included Doug's brothers Paul and Ray with spouses Linda and Kim, his sister Janet with spouse Jim, his Aunt Evelyn, and his second cousin Bill Lynn with spouse Marg and daughter HeatherAnne. At this writing, it is not known which of the guests were Brenda's family. It is hoped to rectify this in the future.

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