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2018 Vancouver
7-14 September, 2018


Posted 2018-09-24

Our September 2018 trip to Vancouver was to participate in the SPAADS (Sabre Pilots Association of the Air Division Squadrons) reunion at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel from Friday 7 September to Monday 10 September.

It has been our custom for previous SPAADS reunions at various locations in Canada to take advantage of the trip to visit the local area. For the Vancouver trip we had thought first of taking a cruise to Hawaii leaving shortly after the reunion ended, but volcanic action and hurricanes put the kibosh to that idea. Then we thought of a road trip through the interior of BC, but widespread forest fires put the kibosh to that idea. Finally we decided to visit Salt Spring Island, which we have heard about for years but never visited. So we reserved a rental car at Vancouver airport for noon Monday 10 September with return to Victoria airport at noon Thursday 14 September and reserved a hotel in Ganges, Salt Spring Island for the nights of 10-13 September.

Our itineray was as follows:
Friday 7 September:
   1000-1202 Toronto Pearson to Vancouver, Air Canada Flt 107
   Check in to Pinnacle Hotel
   1300-1600 SPAADS Registration
   1630-1900 SPAADS Meet & Greet (Generous tidbits replaced dinner)
Saturday 8 September:
   1000-1130 Men's Mystery Tour (Marg passed on the ladies aquarium visit.
   1315-1600 Bard on the Beach
   1800-2200 1 Wing dinner at Billy Bishop Legion Hall
Sunday 9 September:
   1230-1445 Battle of Britain Ceremony (bus transport to Stanley Park)
   1800-2330 Gala Dinner Dance, Ballroom
Monday 10 September:
   0800-1100 Brunch, Ballroom
   1100-1900 Taxi to Vancouver airport, rent a car, drive to Tsaawwassen, ferry to SSI, drive to hotel, check in.
Tuesday 11 September:
   Visit SSI
Wednesday 12 September:
   Visit SSI
Thursday, 13 September:
   0950-1030 Ferry to Swartz Bay
1030-1130 Drive to Victoria airport, deposit rental car
   1200-1530 Victoria airport to Vancouver airport, AC Flt 8064
   1730-0105 Friday, Vancouver to Toronto Pearson, AC Flt 122
   0130-0230 Taxi home (long trip due to construction)

The following pages contain photos and comments from the reunion and our visit to Salt Spring Island (SSI). They can be picked to see a larger version if desired. Then pick Back on your browser to return to where you were.
Note: Where time is shown on photos it is Toronto time, so three hours ahead of the local BC time.

SPAADS Friday, 7 September
SPAADS Saturday 8 September
SPAADS Sunday 9 September
SPAADS / SSI Monday 10 September
SSI Tuesday 11 September
SSI Wednesday 12 September
SSI Thursday 13 September
Harbour House Hotel
Salt Spring Island Impressions

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