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2019 Agawa Canyon Train Tour
26-28 September, 2019

Posted 2019-10-02
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Since we moved to Toronto in 2012, one item on our bucket list has been the Agawa Canyon train tour, which was highly touted by our parents. This year we decided the time has come, so in early September I tried to make a reservation for a Saturday in late September or early October. All booked, so I reserved for Friday, 27 September 2019.

Our building BBQ was Wednesday evening 25 September, so we had to get to Sault Ste. Marie (SSM) on Thursday. Air cost was almost as much as to London, England and no train service to SSM, so we opted to drive the 700 km. Left about 8:30 AM Thursday 26 September and arrived at our Super 8 motel in SSM about 6:30 PM. Had supper at a Pizza Hut across the street from the motel and crawled into bed for a 6 AM wake-up call to catch the Agawa Canyon train at 8 AM Friday.

Friday dawned cloudy but dry. On the train, we found a pair of forward facing seats near the centre of our assigned car. Before the train left the station another couple took the seats facing us, which presented somewhat of a kneesy problem. We finally got sorted out with the two men's legs at an angle to fit under the seat opposite.

As we approached the canyon near noon, Mother Nature let loose a deluge. We had rain gear with us but no rubber boots, so when we saw the water cascading down the trails we climbed back onto the train to shoot the breeze with our new-found acquaintances, Sharon and Bob from Stouffville.

The rain continued much of the afternoon, but when we got off the train at about 6 PM there was just a light drizzle, so we did not get soaked going to the car.

Slept in our Motel 8 Friday night and arose Saturday to eat breakfast and head for home about 8 AM. Got home around 5 PM.

With the weather, and the fact that we were on the left side of the train where the scenery was much more difficult to shoot than from the right side (and passengers did not switch sides for the return trip), our photos are nothing to write home about, but we'll post some anyway. They can be picked to see a larger version if desired. Then pick Back on your browser to return to where you were.

The train pulls into the SSM station from the west about 7:45 AM, pulled by the locomotive.
It leaves westbound at 8 AM, pushed by the locomotive. Passengers are assigned cars, but not seats.
The best seating for taking photos is on the right side outbound, left side return. We sat on the other side.

Until almost noon there was no rain. Most scenery from our side was hard to catch as closer trees flashed by.

From about 11:30 AM to 4 PM the rain came down, so photos include rain drops on the windows.

The folks across the aisle from us had the best vantage for photos.
We shot a couple through their window, including one waterfall.

The seats are grouped in fours. We sat on the left side next to a partition, which obscured the view forward.
The doors between cars are fitted with electric openers, but many do not work.

The bistro car had an aisle down the left side to reach the order window and some seating on the other side.
The menu included box lunches for $17, sandwiches for $6 and sundry other goodies.
Each ticket includes a $10 voucher for purchasing food. Two sandwiches
cost $12 and no change, so we had to make up our $20 with other goodies.

A couple of photos of colours and the bridge to the USA as we approached SSM.

Our Super 8 motel room had a queen bed, sofa, table and two chairs, TV placed to view from bed or sofa, fridge
and microwave. No carpet on the floor and no bedside table on one side of the bed, but very comfortable.

The breakfast room had a number of tables in the main room and many more in a second room not open on Saturday morning.
The breakfast was a very adequate continental style, with juice, cereals, toast, bagels, waffle makings, coffee, etc.

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