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2019 UK Visit
13-20 December 2019

Our 2019 Visit to the United Kingdom

Posted 2019-12-25

For our 2019 visit with Heather and John in England we flew from Toronto to London Friday evening 13 December and returned Friday afternoon 20 December. Our grandson Jason and his partner Sarah joined us on both flights, and they served as virtual caregivers for Jay's octogenarian grandparents.

During our week at the Fairfield home in Farncombe, near Guildford, we slept in H&J's bed while they bunked on an air mattress in whichever room was available. For the holiday season the dining room was set up as a lounge, and the conservatory was used as the dining room.

One reason for the date of the visit was to attend Rena's 95th birthday celebration, which was held Sunday afternoon 15 December at the Holiday Inn Guildford with 55 guests in attendance. Some photos from that event are posted at Rena 95th.

On Tuesday 17 December the family gathered for a Christmas turkey dinner in the conservatory, with 14 folks in attendance. Some photos from that day are posted below.

Marg and I are very grateful to Heather and family for all the work involved in hosting us during this very enjoyable week at their Farncombe home.

The photos below can be picked to show a larger version, if desired. Where time is shown on photos it is Toronto time, i.e. five hours behind UK time.

The Fairfield dining room decorated for Christmas

Thomas with dad Will, and Lucy and Thomas with Raya and Sarah

Bev and Jason

Marg and Rena

Mary Ann, John and Bruce

December 17, 2019 Christmas Dinner in the Hubbell conservatory.

Rena 95th
Marg and Bill Home