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White Gathering at Bill & Pat White's 22 September 2019

On Sunday, 22 September 2019, the members of the two senior generations of the White family, plus next generation Timothy and some Lynn & Foot hangers-on, gathered at the home of Pat & Bill White on the south shore of the Bay of Quinte, in honour of the visit from England of Bill's sister Marian and her daughter Myriam.

In addition to a marvellous location overlooking the bay and Belleville, with myriad architectural and engineering works to admire on the property, the group were treated to a sumptuous noon hour feast. It was called lunch, but this repast effectively set one up for dinner as well, if not obviating the need for food for some days hence.

The following photo was taken by Linda White, wife of Milford's son Paul, so Linda is the only attendee not shown in the photo. The caption attempts to name those captured in a genealogical sense, including maiden name.

L-R: Kim Kendall White, Ray White, Hazel White Harry, Evelyn White, Marian White Mingham, Myriam Mingham Jackson, Margaret Belfry Lynn, Sue (Elizabeth) Lynn Foot, Douglas White, Brenda-Lea Haines White, Paul White, William (Bill) Lynn, Patricia Nicholson White, William (Bill) White, Timothy White.

The following photo includes Linda, but leaves out Kim, Timothy and Bill & Bill, who were snap shooting.

The following photos were taken by Bill Lynn at the luncheon table where he was seated.
They can be picked to see a larger version if desired.

A huge thank you to Bill and Pat for organizing and producing this wonderful family gathering of reminiscences, laughter and food!.

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