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2020 Lynns 60th Anniversary
16-17 December 2020


Posted 2020-12-10

Margaret (Marg) and William (Bill) Lynn were married 16 December 1960 in the office of the mayor of Marville, France. A chapel wedding ceremony took place the following day at #1 Fighter Wing RCAF, in Marville.

Sixty years later, the 60th anniversary of our wedding took place in our apartment at 35 Wynford Heights Crescent in Toronto. We had thought of having a small reception to celebrate the event, perhaps in a church hall. That got nixed by the shutdown for the second wave of coronavirus 2019. Then we thought maybe a couple of days in Niagara Falls would be permissible, but we decided that that did not conform to the shutdown guidelines.

On the 17th of December 1960 we were treated to a dinner at home delivered from the Sorento restaurant on Don Mills Road, arranged by offspring Heather and Brian.

As a lead-up to our at-home 60th wedding anniversary, our daughter Heather and Bill's sister Sue invited everyone who knows us to send us an email reminding us of days of yore. Those emails are posted here for us to remember and others to enjoy should they be so inclined.

Marg & Bill Home

Rick Moffat, 2020.11.29
Rena Hubbell, 2020.12.03
Joanne and Rob Raven, 2020.12.05
John & Valerie Coffin, 2020.12.03
Anne Burley, 2020.12.05
Dennis Paproski, 2020.12.06
Mel and Ann Cockhill, 2020.12.08
Lorna (Matthews) Morris, 2020.12.09
Marg & Bill Home

Rick Moffat, 2020.11.29
From: Rick Moffat
> Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2020 8:03 AM
> To:
> Subject: Happy Anniversary!!!
> All the best in marking your epic day and celebrating a lifetime of great memories.
> Hereís to happy times returning when masks are reserved for goalies and Halloween parties only.
> Just wanted to thank you especially Mrs. Lynn for taking the time to coach our Reach for the Top quiz show team.
> Your lessons in Art History stuck with me for a lifelong appreciation especially of the great Canadian Group of 7 and the naturalist Robert Bateman.
> Too bad the best I could ever paint was our cottage.
> Thanks again on this marvellous occasion. Hope you continue to spoil each other.
> Rick Moffat
> LHS Class of Ď77
Marg & Bill Home

Rena Hubbell, 2020.12.03
From: Rena Hubbell
Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2020 8:59 AM
Subject: Congratulations

Hi Marg and Bill
Hhow wonderful to reach 60 yrs to bad it is in 2020 when you canít really go any place or Heather to Plan something special as I know she would but there is always next year, and with the Vaccine there is light at the end of the Tunnel, but I do send you Congratulations and lots more Anniversaries to celebrate in the future.
Love Rena
Marg & Bill Home

Joanne and Rob Raven, 2020.12.05
-----Original Message----- From: Joanne
Sent: Saturday, December 5, 2020 7:14 AM
Subject: Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary????!!

Hi Uncle Bill and Aunt Marg

Congratulations on your 60th!

What a year this has been. I hope you both are keeping well.

I will catch you up on some of our news. The month of May we had plans to go to Prague, Italy and then Switzerland to see the worldís hockey game series with Robís brothers and in September we had booked 3 weeks in Newfoundland with Colleen and her boyfriend but of course all that was cancelled.

Our oldest daughter Tara is expecting her second boy in mid January 2021 and his name will be Max so Leo will have a brother. Tara and Mike sold their townhouse and bought a brand new home in October. They both continue to work through the pandemic. Tara no longer does hair but works from home as a sales rep for Surehire, Mike still had to go into work each day and Leo continued with daycare.

Brooke and her boyfriend moved back in with us in March and both were able to continue working from home. They were going to move back to Toronto in September but then changed their minds and decided to stay in Niagara. We are in the process of helping them buy their first home.

Overall we are very thankful to all be happy and healthy.

I will include a few pictures of us all.

Tara and Brooke

Mike Leo, Tara

Mike and Tara

Rob, Leo Joanne

Happy Anniversary again and wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!!

Cheers Rob, Joanne and family
Marg & Bill Home

John & Valerie Coffin, 2020.12.03
From: Bill Lynn
Date: December 2, 2020 at 12:15 PM

Dear John and Valerie,
Thank you very much for your card for our 60th anniversary, which we received yesterday. Canít believe your beautiful handwriting.
Unfortunately, neither Marg nor I can write legibly enough to send you a card.
We remember the Lachine event for our 50th, but we believe that was for the whole year, so we donít know the date of your anniversary.
In any event, congratulations on your first 60 years together, and we send you our best wishes for many more to follow.
Marg and Bill
Marg & Bill Home

Anne Burley, 2020.12.05
From: Anne E. Burley
Sent: Saturday, December 5, 2020 6:19 PM
To: ; Heather-Anne Hubbell
Subject: Happy 60th Anniversary!

Greetings from La Belle Province to Marg and Bill Lynn. I'm writing to you on the occasion of your upcoming 60th Anniversary, to wish you both well. From your romantic beginnings in France, to your many years in Lachine, and now living in Ontario, your story is one for the ages.

I remember that the Lynn family lived in a pretty bungalow on Lemmers, and I seem to recall that there was a sprawling birch tree on your front lawn (?). For many years, I was regularly up and down Lemmers on foot or bicycle, passing your house on my way to Dixie park or pool, or to the old IGA and Royal Dixie shops, west of 56th Avenue. I was only in your home once or twice, and I still recall one time with some deep embarrassment! I was hired to babysit for Heather and BrianÖ but I fell asleep, sitting on the chesterfield, before you got home. Your arrival woke me, shame-faced. I suppose late hours were too much for this early riser! I wasnít rehired, and I canít say I blame you; I fell asleep on the job. ??

Heather-Anne and I keep in touch on Facebook, and I also hear a little bit about Brian, who - I understand - has some talent as a painter. You must be so proud of both of them, as they are both extremely accomplished in their respective fields.

In honour of your anniversary, I've put together a little photo-illustrated walk down memory lane. Unfortunately, in all of my father's digitized picture slides, there is only one solitary picture of Mrs. Lynn, and it is included in the document (though the memory of you both is ingrained in my memory - in a good way!). My father also bequeathed his entire collection of family archives, genealogy, and photo prints to me, but I just haven't had time yet to sort through the thousands of printed photos on the chance that I might find more images of Bill and Marg Lynn. If, in coming months and years, I find any, I'll be sure to scan and forward them. As a result of this lack of Lynn photos, I've had to rely on pictures taken by my father (and others), in the hope that the images will stir up some of your own memories of Lachine years, when we had Summerlea Church, Meadowbrook, and Lachine High School as common bonds between our clans.

Anne's very enjoyable walk down memory lane is posted at Anne Burley Memories.pdf

I hope you will enjoy the memories and pictures I've sent (at the very least, you'll get to see the Burley tribe over the years!). It seems you might be swamped by good wishes, so please add mine to all those saying: "Happy 60th Anniversary!" ????

Anne Burley

Anne E. Burley
Phone: 514-422-8665
Find my books at:
Marg & Bill Home

Dennis Paproski, 2020.12.06
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 10:15 AM
To: 'Bill Lynn' ; Marg Lynn
Cc: ; ;
Subject: one person's perspective on the source of Diamonds

1 (F) Wing, Marville, France --- just about the middle of nowhere, and just about the Centre of the universe for the ongoing lives of those who found life-long connections stemming from the people and places of that remote part of France, so very long ago. There must be thousands of stories that could spring from this setting and the adventures that followed; however, to keep this note somewhat focused, let's start with two single people who, by fate, ended up at 1Wing at the end of the 50's and the beginnings of the 60's.

Among many other features, Bill Lynn was single, living in officers's barracks and the officers' mess, as were all single pilots. Nothing much different there. Like all single pilots living in the sticks, Bill frequently headed for the bright lights on weekends to cities within a couple hours drive by car (often in his Peugeot). As well, "routine training flights" were approved to visit more distant, and hopefully exotic, venues. Simple truth, there simply was a short supply of single girls around Marville and weekend excursions offered to adjust for that.

In 1959, the new crop of teachers engaged by DND to teach air force children impressed the pilots of 1Wing, in terms of their numbers as well as their being single. Since these teachers were nominally "officers", the officers' mess suddenly became more a social Centre. Previously, only the infrequent presence of female nurses and administrators distinguished the mess from a "men's' club". Now, among the new crop were two Ontario teachers: Margaret Belfrey and Margaret Phelps. They didn't have a chance. Moreover, they, and many of the other new arrivals, liked many of the same things as the single pilots, such as bridge, travel, parties. No longer did 1 Wing seem so remote.

And so it came to pass that Bill Lynn and Margaret Belfry were wed (with Marg Phelps and Dennis Paproski -- married earlier in June --- making up the wedding party, along with Marg's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Belfry). And we now celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of Marg and Bill, but we also remember those intervening decades and how they were products of our "Marville Years".

Both the Lynn's and the Paproski's were to return to Canada in the early 60's, but rather than extend their military careers, both families became "civilians". Bill and Marg set up life for an astounding period at Lemers Ave where Heather and Brian "grew up".

After six years of 'schooling' in Alberta, the Paproskis took up life in, first, Montreal and then Ottawa. And after that, some long-delayed four-person parties blossomed, including memorable New Year's Eve parties. And after a hiatus of several years, squadron parties, initialized by the two Marg's, were au courant. Funny how the years disappear when old friends get together and tell stories, exaggerated or not.

And the "good old days" seem contagious. SPAADS reunions, the Trenton air museum fund-raising dinner-dances, the Marville reunions (in Marville and Stittsvile).

But the clock on the wall keeps ticking. In March, 2010 we lost a great party girl when Marg Phelps-Paproski passed. As she quietly waited her fate at the Kingston General Hospital, a tall chap in a blue parka walked by the door. "That's Bill Lynn"', she said, "Tell him and Marg to drop in." It wasn't to be. But it's nice to make friends for a lifetime, and certainly Marg and Marg were that.

So may I wish you all the best on your magnificent achievements --- from both of us.

Lots of Love

On 12/03/20, Bill Lynn wrote:
Hi Dennis,
You can certainly re-awaken long forgotten memories. We got to thinking about restaurants that we used to frequent, and wondering if we would be able to find Cafť Milion now. Not likely Ė I seem to recall arriving at Virton in 2005 via an auto-route that did not exist when we lived there.

I remember arriving back from Escape and Evasion as you were preparing to leave the mess with your new bride. Donít know how you managed to get there in time for the big event. I had to catch up with Marg Bís champagne consumption as we continued to celebrate while you headed off.

Hard to believe that Marg left us ten years ago, just a few months before your 50th anniversary. Now Iím getting a lump in my throat.

I was wondering when you took your last flight with the Air Force (I guess it was the Reserve when you were at uni in Calgary.). Mine in 1965 was in an Exploder with Ervin (Buns) Cross. I was driving and he cut an engine on final approach. Guess he was trying to prevent nostalgia, but he could have prevented continued living, for both of us.

Moving from memories to current life.

How is Kathy, and Denny and the kids. Is his daughter still amazing the world?

And how is Elsie doing?

All the best to you and the family, as we live with the anti-virus war that is not on computers.

Bill and Marg

Sent: Sunday, December 6, 2020 10:05 AM
To: Bill Lynn
Subject: happy birthday, etc

I understand that birthday greetings are in order so "Well Done".

Last flight while a member of the RCAF was in Calgary, 403 Sqn, Mar 64 in an expediter . But as a civilian coordinator of the first Calgary International Airshow later that spring I had a chance to do a Red Knight flight with a guy called Slaughter (I think). He served in 2 Wing and offered me 'front seat or back' ? In the T-33. I opted for the front seat and did most of the Airshow over the Children's hospital in NW Calgary. Only did 4 or 5 flights as a pilot thereafter. Only miss the jets and acrobatics.

Son Dennis Jr was here yesterday to start claiming stuff as we prepare, yet one ore time, to downsize to a senior's place (by MAY). We have a glorious apt looking down on St Lawrence park, Wolfe Is, the Cataraqie golf and country club, etc but the pandemic constrains use of most facilities, at least indoors. Elsie's memory loss is increasingly severe and though I have some paid help with the apartment cleaning and socializing for Elsie, the load on me (mentally and physically) is, I must admit, about all I can take. So we've been looking for "assisted living" once our lease expires.

Back to Den Jr. He's working from home, doing very well, finished paying alimony and looking for a house in the Couerg area. His daughter is teaching in Spain and polishing her fluent languages (Eng, Fr and Sp). Her kid brother finished high school but hasn't found a work interest. He's Also tri-lingual French first, then English and then Spanish. Both kids also qualify for EEC dual citizenship.

Kathy and I "see" each other regularly on the computer and occasionally when we take drives in the country to hunt. Animals. She's happy.

Must get on to other correspondence, including business and personal.

Keep strong
Marg & Bill Home

Mel and Ann Cockhill, 2020.12.08
From: Mel Cockhill
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 12:24 PM
Subject: Happy Anniversary

Dear Marg & Bill

Congratulations on your 60th Wedding Anniversary. What a wonderful milestone!

Our friendship goes back a long time starting with our daughter, Bonnie being in school with Brian and Marg teaching our son, John at Meadowbrook School. The fellowship we shared at Summerlea United Church started in 1972 with worship, soup lunches, anniversary dinners and the famous Christmas bazaar. In later years I appreciated all your help shopping for Meals on Wheels.

Best Wishes for many more Happy, Healthy years together.

Ann & Mel Cockhill
Marg & Bill Home

Lorna (Matthews) Morris, 2020.12.09
From: Lorna Morris
Sent: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 3:11 PM
To: Marg And Bill Lynn
Cc: Heather-Ann Lynn
Subject: Happy Anniversary!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lynn,
I am sending virtual rather than physical greetings for your 60th anniversary as I wanted to attach some photos that I found in my parentsí photo album (Arn and Clare Matthews). While they are both gone now, I know how much they valued the friends they made in Marville and the experiences you all had together. I know they would have loved to recognize this incredible milestone in your life together.

I mentioned to Heather-Ann that Matt and I went back to Virton and Izel a few years ago, and had a wonderful visit with Madame Gentil, our landlady in Izel, and the Baar brothers. The brothers actually took us onto one of the runways in their Audi and raced down the runway before the local police arrived! It didnít approach some of the adventures in the Sabres but we could imagine the life and adventures you all had at such a young age. When I think of my mom learning to drive and looking after one, and then two babies, far from home, I know that the friendships developed in France were part of an amazing support network too.

Bill Lynn, Anne Reilly, Clare & Arn Matthews

Marg & Bill Lynn, Clare, Anne

Anne, Marg, Clare

Margot Morris & Clare Matthews
The first three photos are from a dinner party at 180 51st that I believe was a bit of a reunion. The last picture is one of my youngest of three daughters, Margot, with my Mum, in Trenton. It was the end of Margotís Air Cadet camp and my parents went to watch her parade. She was a drill captain, which she claimed was easy because it is just like learning dance moves! My dad laughed. She also played the flute in their marching band.

I was also shaking my head when I found out that your grandson Jay used to live on our street in Waterloo. Talk about a small world.

In another example of close connections, my husband Matt has had strong connections in the United Church and his grandfather, father, and both uncles were all United Church ministers. His mother grew up in Westmount and was the older sister of Margaret Hendery, whom you might remember from Summerlea United Church. We visit her whenever we are in Lachine. She is turning 98 in a few days and is still in her home, supported by her son John. Mattís dad and uncles were all ministers in Toronto at various points in time and his 97 year old Uncle lives in a residence he championed that is attached to his old church in Etobicoke.

So the world continues to be an interesting place even as the years pass. I wish you a wonderful celebration of your years together!

Lorna (Matthews) Morris
Marg & Bill Home