The Benedicts of Cedar Dale Farm

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Margaret and Frank
Wedding Day - 1901

Gertrude, Myrtle, Evelyn, Mildred
(L-R), c. 1916

Margaret and Frank
50th Anniversary - 1951

Frank Benedict (son of Josiah Benedict and Emily Merrill) married Margaret Martin in 1901 and they established a 100 acre farm they called Cedar Dale, on the northern border of Cobourg, Ontario. They had four daughters - Myrtle, Evelyn, Mildred and Gertrude. They and their husbands are now all deceased.

Myrtle married Russell White and they farmed near Elizabethville, outside Port Hope. Their children are Evelyn, Milford (deceased), Marion, Muriel, Hazel and Bill.

Evelyn married Gordon Lynn and they spent most of their lives in Montreal. Their children are Bill and Elizabeth (Sue).

Mildred married Jim Moore. They also became Montrealers and had no children.

Gertrude married David Carr and they lived their lives in Cobourg. Their children are Margaret-Jean, Frances (Fran) and David (Wayne).

Since the four children were daughters, this branch of the Benedicts ended with Frank. For a Descendant summary, see Descendants of Daniel Benedict and Louisa Hubbell. Frank Benedict is in the second generation of this listing.

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