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An Elocution Lesson

The following article (source unknown) was re-discovered 2016/01/20 in some
stuff that belonged to Marg's mother, Mary Hillis Belfry, deceased in 2000.

One of England’s leading actors, while attending a garden party, was asked to recite. He very graciously asked if there was anything in particular anyone would like to hear.

An elderly clergyman spoke up. “Could you”, he asked, “recite the 23rd Psalm?”

A strange look came over the actor’s face, but he was speechless for only a few moments. “I can, sir, and I will, on one condition, and that is, after I have recited, you, my friend, will do the same.”

“I?”, replied the surprised clergyman, “but I’m not an elocutionist. However, if you wish, I will do so.”

Impressively, the great actor began the Psalm, holding his audience spellbound. When he had finished, a great burst of applause broke from the garden.

After the applause had subsided, the elderly clergyman arose. The audience sat in silence. The Psalm was recited, and when it was finished there was not the slightest ripple of applause, but those in the audience whose eyes were yet dry had their heads bowed.

The great actor stepped forward, and with a hand on the shoulder of the elderly clergyman, exclaimed in a trembling voice, “I reached your eyes and ears, my friends; this man reached your hearts. I know the 23rd Psalm; this man knows the Shepherd.”

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