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N.B. Plusieurs pages sont nomées The Lemmers Lynns, de quand nous habitions la rue Lemmers, à Lachine, Québec.

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Marg et Bill
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N.B. Many pages are called The Lemmers Lynns, from when we lived on Lemmers Street in Lachine, Quebec.

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Marg and Bill

Marg & Bill Christmas Greetings 2019
White Gathering at Bill & Pat White's 22 September 2019
Marg & Bill Christmas Greetings 2018
Doug & Brenda White 35th Anniversary
Marg & Bill Christmas Greetings 2017
2016 Belfry Christmas
2016 NAFMC Gala
SPAADS 2016 Ottawa
Raya & Ross Visit August 2016
An Elocution Lesson
Our Toronto Life
2014 Toronto
2014 Mega Milestone Party
Marg & Bill 50th Wedding Anniversary
Our Aluminum Roofing Saga, Update 2012-02-07
"The Story Chair" Book Launch Feb 17, 2008

The Family
Marg and Bill (2015-10-03)
Brian and Family (2013-11-19)
Heather and Family (2013-11-19)
The Benedicts of Cedar Dale
The Benedict Family Reunion (2017 added 2017/10/05)

Family History
The Descendants of James Linn and Eliza Blair
Tales of the Descendants of James Linn of Ireland
The Descendants of Daniel Benedict and Louisa Hubbell
2019 UK Visit
2019 Agawa Canyon Train Tour
2019 Bermuda Cruise
2018 SPAADS Vancouver
2017 India
2017 July Mini Road Trip
2017 April Cruise
Gran Canaria 2016
Christmas Chez Hubbell 2016
Greek Islands Cruise 2016
Holland & Belgium River Cruise 2015
Vancouver Island 2014
Portugal & Spain 2014
Iceland Mini Tour 2013
China Tour 2013
Italy & TransAtlantic Cruise 2012
Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong River 2011
Western Canada & USA 2010
England, Jersey & Hubbell 25th 2010
Caribbean Cruise 2009
The Baltics / Warsaw / Berlin 2009
Japan 2008
France 2007 (2008-02-07)
Ukraine River Cruise 2006
England 2005
Europe 2005
Costa Rica 2005
USA Canyons 2004
Easter 2004 at Richmond Hill
The Jacksons in Canada 2004
South America / Antarctica Cruise 2004

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