The Lemmers Lynns
Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Bienvenue! / Welcome!
The Jacksons in Canada, April 2004


Pete, Myriam and Rebecca Jackson visited the Canadian cousins in April 2004, with a brief detour to New York City. Here are a few shots of their visit to Montreal, and of some of the cousins at Doug and Hazel Harry's April 13 (sorry we missed a few).
They also spent time with other cousins in Ontario, but we do not have photos from those visits.

Myriam, Rebecca and Pete ready for a visit to Montreal.

Pete, Myriam and Rebecca in Old Montreal

Rebecca with the Montreal city hall behind her.

Pete, Rebecca, Myriam, Marg and Bill in Old Montreal.
Thanks to a passer-by who had a little trouble with the camera exposure.

In the tower of the "Big Owe" (Olympic Stadium)

Rebecca with the former Olympic Village and eastern Montreal in the background.

Myriam at Westmount lookout where she was photographed during her last visit to Montreal with Pete some 17 years ago.

Ready to head for a brief visit to NYC, with a last chance to stand in snow - not much left.

We saw the Jacksons again at Doug and Hazel Harry's "first cousins" luncheon at their home in Stirling, Ontario. The "luncheon" was a fabulous feast prepared in memory of Grandma Benedict's recipes by Hazel, with help from Evelyn, Muriel, Marian, Myriam and Rebecca. Pete quenched thirst and Doug supervised (and reviewed the event by showing photos of the participants on the large-screen TV).

Rebecca with Muriel Yost, and with Doug Harry

Myriam and Pete at the dessert table (with feathered friend above)

Cousins Marian Mingham (Rebecca's grandmother), Bill Lynn and Dave Carr

Cousins Doug Harry and Margaret Jean Carr

Cousins Margaret Jean Carr and Chris Foot

Cousins Sue Foot and Kathie Carr

Cousins Chris and Sue Foot (surprise!)

Just to let you know
the snow does sometimes go.

(Lemmers, Lachine, mid April 2004)

Thanks for the visits, cuzzens. We'll see you later.

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