The Lemmers Lynns
Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Bienvenue! / Welcome!
Marg and Bill


The four Lynns together!

Bill, Heather, Brian, Marg
October 2003
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Heather, Marg, Bill, Brian
October 2015
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2012 - 2013

Marg and Bill (At Summerlea Lachine, May 2012), Brian and Heather (Toronto, October 2013)

Miranda, Raya, Heather, John (Marg's BD party, 3 Oct 2013)

Jay, Ben, Janet, Bill (Marg's BD party, 3 Oct 2013)

Caribbean Cruise December 2009
Marg & Bill in the Caribbean on MS Maasdam Dec 2009
Yup, dat's us again!

In our glad rags on board MS Maasdam in the Caribbean, December 2009

Guess who?
Bill & Marg at Jay's Graduation from Ridley
Yup, dat's Us!
In our glad rags at Jay's Graduation from Ridley, June 2006

Kids and Grandkids at our house June 2006
John, Heather, Benedict, Brian, Miranda, Janet, Steven (with Raya), Raya, Jayson
All the kids and grandkids at our house, June 2006

Kids and spice at our house, June 2006
John, Heather-Anne, Janet, Brian at our house, June 2006

Benedict, Miranda, Raya and Jay
All the grandkids at our house in June 2006

In our glad rags at the 50th anniversary of the opening of le Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean,
September 13, 2002.

Marg at Café de la Nuit, Arles, Provence, France
February 2002

Bill in a Golden Hawks Sabre.
Halifax Air Force Museum,
July 2, 2002.
First time in a Sabre since January, 1963.

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