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USA Canyons 2004

Although we have seen many places in the world, we had never seen the Grand Canyon, so we decided that this was the year. We flew to Denver and rented a car for a month, during which we travelled some 5000 miles. We expected to see some great scenery, but we did not expect to be so truly awed so often.

Notable features:

Scenery - Spectacular, Awesome.

US National Parks Pass - US$50 for driver and passengers for one year to all USA National Parks and Monuments (for US citizens the Golden Age Pass at US$10 is valid for life to those over 62 - talk about value!)

People - friendly, helpful, open.

Motel prices - averaged C$62.50 per night with continental breakfast vs C$76 on a recent trip through rural Manitoba.

Gasoline prices - about C$2.50 / USgal vs C$3.25 at home.

Roads - excellent condition: virtually no broken pavement, comfortably cruisable at the speed limits.

Speed limits - 75 mph on Interstates, 65 mph on US highways (and the transport trucks passed us on the Interstates - can't imagine what their fuel consumption must be).

The Itinerary
Following is our itinerary, which was pretty close to what we had planned using the Internet and travel brochures from the various states and cities. The map is clickable for a larger (287kb) version, if desired.
Note re the larger version: Some browsers resize large photos to fit the browser window. In Internet Explorer, when you hover over a re-sized picture an icon with outward facing arrows appears in the lower right corner. You can click it to see the full-size picture (necessary to read the place names).
Trip map (*n) = number of nights stayed
Sep 17: Montreal - Denver (2n)
Sep 18: Denver
Sep 19: Denver - Cheyenne - Rawlins - Lander (1n)
Sep 20: Lander - Grands Tetons - Yellowstone - West Yellowstone (2n)
Sep 21: Yellowstone National Park (N.P.)
Sep 22: West Yellowstone - Salt Lake City (4n)
Sep 23, 24, 25: Salt Lake City
Sep 26: Salt Lake City - Torrey, UT (1n)
Sep 27: Torrey - Escalante N.P. - Bryce N.P. - Zion N.P. - Kanab (2n)
Sep 28: Grand Canyon North Rim
Sep 29: Kanab - Arizona Strip - Las Vegas (2n)
Sep 30: Las Vegas
Oct 1: Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Route 66 - Flagstaff (2n)
Oct 2: Grand Canyon South Rim, Painted Dessert
Oct 3: Flagstaff - Sedona - Montezuma - Globe(1n)
Oct 4: Globe - Tucson (2n)
Oct 5: Desert Museum, Tucson
Oct 6: Tucson - Tombstone - Douglas - Lordsville (1n)
Oct 7: Lordsville - El Paso(2n)
Oct 8: El Paso, Ciudad Juarez
Oct 9: El Paso - Albuquerque(1n)
Oct 10: Albuquerque - Santa Fe(2n)
Oct 11: Santa Fe
Oct 12: Santa Fe - Amarillo, TX ( Palo Duro canyon) (1n)
Oct 13: Amarillo - Liberal - Dodge City (1n)
Oct 14: Dodge City - Colorado Springs (2n)
Oct 15: Pikes Peak
Oct 16: Colorado Springs - Denver (1n)
Oct 17: Denver - Montreal

The photos are organized in pages, with miniature photos on the page. The photos are pickable to see a larger version. The larger versions are sized for a height of 400 pixels, which about fills the browser window on an 800 x 600 screen. On screens set for higher resolution the photos will not fill the window.

All that said, we hope you enjoy the stuff we have put on this site. If you have any questions or comments, send us an email at or

| Introduction
| Denver
| Wyoming
| Grands Tetons
| Yellowstone
| Salt Lake City
| Bryce Canyon
| Zion Canyon
| Grand Canyon North Rim
| Arizona Strip
| Las Vegas
| Hoover Dam
| Route 66
| Grand Canyon South Rim
| Sedona
| Montezuma
| Tucson
| Tombstone
| Bisbee
| El Paso
| White Sands
| Albuquerque
| Santa Fe
| Palo Duro Canyon
| Dodge City
| Pike's Peak
| Garden of the Gods
| Denver

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