Marg & Bill Lynn
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2019 Greetings from Marg & Bill of Wynford Tower in T.O.
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Marg & Bill at
Better Living
50th Anniversary Gala
Hello Family and Friends,

Well into our eighth year living in the building called Wynford Tower in Toronto, we have yet to come up with a title with the je ne sais quoi of "The Lemmers Lynns", of times past, but life treats us pretty well.

Marg stays involved in apartment building activities, including Book Club, Friday Kaffee Klatsch, Senior Exercises and Monday evening movies. She also enjoys Chatterama once a month with her teacher friends of sixty years ago. Bill coordinates the Senior Exercises and acts as Publicist for the Residents Association by creating and posting notices, running the website, etc.

In April 2019, Marg’s 2018 hypothyroid brain fog problems were diagnosed as fundamental cognitive issues, since the thyroid dosage had returned to normal in December 2018. From August to October 2019 she attended the Sunnybrook Geriatric Day Hospital two days per week, to learn ways to deal with the cognitive concerns. Anxiety causing poor sleep before appointments resulted in the day hospital sessions being somewhat traumatic. In October 2019 she started to take a medication called Donepezil, which seems to have reduced the anxiety, returned her sleep to normal (despite my multiple bathroom visits every night) and restored her happy outlook. Issues with activities such as letter writing persist, however, which means I (Bill) am attempting to create this year’s newsletter (with lots of suggestions from Marg).

Our daughter Heather Anne and hubby John Hubbell still have their apartment in Jersey, as the UK Brexit fiasco continues. Heather Anne uses it most of the time, while John stays at their Farncombe home with his mother, Rena. Heather Anne and John still visit Toronto on business from time to time, Heather Anne consulting with Manulife and John for his senior fitness business, so we get to see them occasionally. We are scheduled to visit them in Farncombe for a week before Christmas this year, partly to celebrate Rena’s 95th birthday.

Their daughter, Raya, still occupies herself in the UK as a trainer for triathlon and iron-man competitors, when she is not competing herself in far-flung areas like Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Muskoka (summer 2020), etc. She and another trainer also produce a podcast, the content of which I have not succeeded in mastering.

Their son Jason continues to climb the ladder at Manulife in Waterloo, and he seems to enjoy life in Cambridge with his lovely main squeeze, Sarah, a store manager for Bell.

Our son Brian spends some time on work type stuff and lots more on activities like painting, creating videos, etc. From time to time he enjoys doing art with Marg at our dining room table.

Janet lives in the Broadview house with sons Ben and Julian (formerly Miranda). Janet teaches music. Ben is in the last year of high school and talking about a future in engineering. Julian studies Visual Arts at York University and has won accolades as the Most Diplomatic Delegate in student UN activities.

My sister Sue Foot is learning to cope without Chris. We often see her at Jubilee church on Sunday mornings, sometimes followed by lunch at a nearby Tim Horton’s.

Marg’s brother Ron and wife Eva still live in a lovely house in Wilmot Creek near Bowmanville. They started a cruise from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale in October, but had to disembark in Quebec City because Ron had pneumonia. He seems to be on the mend now.

Recently we took in a couple of dancing events, one a Better Living 50th anniversary dinner dance nearby, the other at Palais Royal on the Toronto lakeshore west of the CNE grounds. The Better Living dancing tended more to aerobic exercise style, but we managed to get the DJ to play Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” to close the event. The band at the Palais Royal played great swing music (to which we now tend to shuffle rather than swing.)

We also tried to tackle a couple of items on our bucket list. In late August we took a one week cruise from NYC to Bermuda and back, spending two nights aboard in St. George’s and one night in Hamilton, with a day trip around the island in each location. Heather Anne’s father-in-law Ray Hubbell worked there as a journalist for a while with his War Bride Rena after WWII, and they have often suggested that we visit Bermuda, so now we have.

In late September we drove to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on a Thursday to take the famous Agawa Canyon leaf peeping train trip on Friday. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided that was a good day to water the land, so we spent the hour and a half in the canyon aboard the train rather than hiking the local scenic paths. We did see some colourful foliage, however, so all was not lost. Drove home Saturday. About 750 km each way.

That’s probably enough about our goings-on for this year, so ‘bye for now.

We wish you a joyous Christmas season and a happy and healthy 2020.
Marg & Bill Lynn;