Marg & Bill Lynn
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2020 Greetings from Marg & Bill Lynn of Wynford Tower in Toronto.
1807-35 Wynford Heights Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3C 1L1. Website:

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Marg & Bill at
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50th Anniversary Gala

Hello Family and Friends, (same photo as last year).
Photos are pickable for a larger view, if interested.

We are now well into our ninth year living in the building called Wynford Tower in Toronto, and pretty content with life here, viewing the Don Valley to the south, (and the Don Valley Parkway to the southwest) from our 18th floor apartment, allowing others to shovel snow, mow lawns, fix things, etc.

Most activities have come to a halt as COVID-19 shutdowns control our lives, but we can still go to the grocer and the pharmacy across the street. Bill still acts as Publicist for the Residents Association by creating and posting notices, running the website, etc. Marg spends time learning to paint with water colours, with occasional help from son Brian.

We are grateful to the many unsung heroes who maintain the flow of our water and waste, electricity, natural gas, gasoline and diesel fuel, food and pharmaceuticals, and other life necessities without which we would not survive. Also, of course, to the medical and support workers who help many of those infected by the virus to survive.

Margís brother Ron died 28 January in Bowmanville hospital (of pneumonia not caused by the virus). His wife Eva planned a memorial service, but it was cancelled by the virus pandemic. In early September she organized a lunch in Bowmanville with a few of Ronís former local friends, followed by interment in Whitby. Eva lives in the Wilmot Creek house, occasionally wondering about retirement homes

Billís sister Sue still misses Chris. Virus lockdowns limit activity to walks to the park at the end of the street. Daughter Erin and hubby Jan bring in food for special events like Thanksgiving.

Margís cognitive issues continue, but she finds life more enjoyable lately. Issues persist, however, with activities such as writing letters which means I (Bill) am attempting to create this yearís newsletter (again, with lots of suggestions from Marg).

Our daughter Heather Anne and hubby John Hubbell still have their apartment in Jersey, as the UK Brexit fiasco continues. Heather Anne lives and works from there most of the time, while John often stays at their Farncombe home with his mother, Rena, daughter Raya, Rayaís fiancť Will and Willís two children, Lucy (7) and Thomas (5), plus one large dog and one small dog (not boring). Jersey currently mandates 10 days isolation on arrival from the UK, so visits are not frequent.

Lucy, Raya, Thomas, Will

Jason and Sarah

Julian and Ben

Raya and Will run Precision Coaching in the UK, coaching endurance athletes for triathlon and iron-man competitions, as well as competing themselves. The Muskoka event scheduled for July 2020 has been re-scheduled to July 2021, virus permitting. Raya and another trainer also produce a podcast, the content of which I have still not succeeded in mastering. Will and Raya plan to marry in the summer of 2021, virus permitting.

H&Jís son Jason continues at Manulife in Waterloo, and he seems to enjoy life in Cambridge with his lovely main squeeze, Sarah, a store manager for Bell, and growing pup Greta. This year they have undertaken some fairly major renovations to the bathroom, kitchen and living area of their house.
Breaking news 2020.12.08: Jason asked Sarah the Big Question (in a romantic? tree house in Haliburton), and she said Yes!

Our son Brian spends a fair amount of time on work type stuff and lots more on activities like painting, creating videos, etc.

Janet lives in the Broadview house with sons Ben and Julian. Janet teaches music. Julian studies Visual Arts at York University. Ben has entered the engineering programme at York.

Expecting to spend our 60th wedding anniversary at home 17 December 2020. Delivered meal on order from local Sorento restaurant, thanks to Heather and Brian.

We wish you a relaxing at-home Christmas season and
an end to the virus war before the next greeting season rolls around.

Marg & Bill Lynn;