Marg & Bill Lynn
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2021 Greetings from Marg & Bill Lynn of Wynford Tower in Toronto.
1807-35 Wynford Heights Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3C 1L1., Phone 416-441-2134

Hello Family and Friends, (Yup, datís us!)
(Photos are pickable to see a larger version, if desired.)

Whoíd a thunk it?! May 2022 will mark a decade of living in the building called Wynford Tower in Toronto, and we are pretty content here, allowing others to shovel snow, mow lawns, fix things, etc. Much of our news is the same as for last year, but here goes anyway.

Margís cognitive issues continue, with problems for activities such as letter writing, which means that I (Bill) am attempting to create this yearís newsletter (with suggestions from Marg). Marg has recently tired of painting, so she finds life somewhat boring. We are investigating Adult Day Programs, which may continue to reopen if the Omicron variant does not kill them once again.

Bill still acts as Publicist for the Residents Association by creating and posting notices, running the Residents website, etc. He also has websites for his CMR and RMC classes, and for the family.

Most activities came to a halt as COVID-19 shutdowns controlled our lives, but we could still go to the grocer and the pharmacy, and recently the hair salon, across the street. Some re-opening is in progress, although the Omicron variant threatens to put a stop to that.

Billís sister Sue still misses Chris. Virus lockdown limits activity somewhat, although we had lunch out with her recently. Her daughter Erin and hubby Jan take in food for special events like Thanksgiving. This year, with pandemic restrictions lifting, they hosted a family Christmas waffle afternoon, a Norwegian tradition. They cancelled their planned trip to see family in Norway because of COVID complications.

Our daughter Heather Anne and hubby John Hubbell are moving from their apartment to a rented house in Jersey, as the UK post-Brexit problems continue. Heather Anne lives and works from there most of the time, while John sometimes stays at their Farncombe home southwest of London, with his mother Rena, daughter Raya and her hubby Will and their two children, plus one small dog and sometimes one large dog (not boring). Heather Anne and John have both suffered some medical problems recently, but they are recovering nicely.

Raya, Will, Thomas, Lucy in wedding gear
Raya and Will Usher tied the knot in August 2021 at a ceremony in Penzance with celebrations in St. Ives, Cornwall, UK. They run Precision Coaching in the UK, coaching endurance athletes for triathlon and iron-man competitions, when not competing themselves.

H&Jís son Jason has moved from Manulife to Gallagher and he seems to enjoy life in Cambridge with the lovely Sarah, a store manager for Bell, and growing pup Greta. They spend time renovating their house and they recently enjoyed a sojourn to the Dommican Republic. We hope to see them during the holiday season. Jason and Sarah are scheduled to be married in July 2022.

Jason and Sarah enjoying winter in Canada.

Julian and Ben (same photo as last year)

Our son Brian spends a fair amount of time on work type stuff and lots more on activities like painting, creating videos, etc. He, Iris and Irisís son and his partner have bought a farm west of Owen Sound, for a home away from home.

Janet lives in the Broadview house with sons Ben and Julian. Janet teaches music. Julian studies Visual Arts at York University. Ben is in the engineering programme at York. Their classes have been on-line this fall, but they are hoping for in-person classes in 2022.

Wishing you a happy Christmas season at home, and an end to the virus war in 2022.
Same wish as 2020 Ė will it never end?

Marg & Bill Lynn