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Western Canada & USA 2010

Posted 2010-11-13

Our 2010 trip to western Canada and the USA was precipitated by the SPAADS (Sabre Pilots Association of the Air Division Squadrons) reunion in Penticton, BC September 9-12, 2010. This reunion has been occurring every two years since 1990, in various locations across Canada.
In order to add value to the trip west by Westjet, we rented a car to tour Washington and Oregon states , which we had never visited, after the reunion.
We flew to Kelowna on Wednesday 8 September, stayed overnight in Kelowna, and drove to Penticton on Thursday the ninth. We joined the reunion Thursday afternoon through Sunday brunch, then headed for Washington and Oregon for ten days.

A note re our car rental. We rented from Enterprise because their price was much better than others. We knew from past experience that Enterprise have restrictions on travel outside the rental province, so we emailed for confirmation that we could take a car rented in Kelowna to Washington and Oregon. Yes, was the reply, but when we picked up the car the contract said Washington only. When I showed the email stating Washington and Oregon and suggested that I would have to try another rental firm, they annotated the contract to show Washington and Oregon. I had reserved a compact car and they asked if I would like to upgrade for $5 / day extra. When I said no, they told me they did not have a compact so would have to give us a Chev Impala at no extra cost. Not a bad experience all in all.

8 September: Westjet, Montreal - Calgary - Kelowna. Overnight Kelowna.
9-12 September: SPAADS reunion in Penticton.
12 September: Penticton to Leavenworth, WA. Overnight.
13 September: Leavenworth to Seattle, WA. Two nights Seattle.
15 September: Seattle to Astoria, OR. Overnight.
16 September: Astoria to Lincoln City, OR. Overnight.
17 September: Lincoln City to Portland, OR. Overnight.
18 September: Portland to The Dalles, OR. Overnight.
19 September: The Dalles, OR to East Wenatchee, WA. Overnight.
20 September: Wenatchee, WA to Kelowna, BC. Two nights Kelowna.
22 September: Westjet, Kelowna - Calgary - Montreal.
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Kelowna, BC
Penticton, BC - SPAADS Reunion
Leavenworth, WA
Seattle, WA
Washington / Oregon Coast
Portland, OR
Columbia Gorge to The Dalles, OR
Wenatchee, WA
Vernon Kelowna, BC

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